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surabaya oh surabaya ^^


Wooowww,, I got a place at Surabaya for OJT,, huhu?? Ehmm,, maybe, when I heard that my place of OJT iatSurabaya, I’m really really confused, because I have never been here before. What must I do??? But,, It’s okay, this will be an adventure for me, because I’m very like travelling. SURABAYAAAA,, I’m coming ^^


The first place I visit was Zangrandi,, It was recommended by my friend. Located at Yos Sudarso street Surabaya. There are various kind of ice cream, I’m very like it, Ehhmm ice creamm,,nyamiii. After flicking through the menu, finally I choose noodle ice cream. It’s delicioussss,, ^^ another time, I’m very like to try the other taste,, yipiyeeeee

everyday is  wonderfuL ^^


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