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Goodbye Mbah Surip

Oh my God, I am really shock to see the news on TV, precisely on INSERT, that Mbah Surip is death. I am really not believe it. Mbah Surip, who is very cheerful, finally leave us for ever. Innalillahi waina illaihi rajiun,,, I hope he can live there in peace. Goodbye Mbah Surip,,

When I read, I see that he have a bad life. He likes to drink 20 cups of coffee and smoking at least 3 packets every day. Oh no,, he is really have a bad life. I can’t imagine how he can drink that 20 cups of coffee. Same with him, I am also like to drink coffee but not excessive. We must to take care our health, because health is important for life. So, don’t dissipate our health and don’t forget to smile everyday like Mbah Surip 🙂 “hahaaaa,,,hahaaa,,,haa,,”



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