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Life is Beautiful

huaaa,,,,,udah lama bangedd gak nulis blog nie. tulisan gw yang lama gw apusin,,hee ^^ biar kayak punya blog baru ajah,,,pengen buat blog lagi tapi kan masih ada yang lama,,,

okayy,,,first of all let’s talk ’bout me

Me is Tasa,,my lovely family also call me “eneng” because I’m a sundanese,, so my friends sometimes call me with “nengtasa“. But,,some friends also have to call me with “tasul” alias “tasa gembul”,,hihi ^^,

I am the most beautiful daughter in my family (yaiyalah secara gw cuma 2 bersaudara dengan abang gw,,hee) from a couple of Ir.H.Dedi Sukendar Haris and Hj.Teti Rusinar. I live alone in bandung,,hiks, but I have a lot of friends around me and I am really love them.

I am just an ordinary girl, but I love myself. I love my life, I love my family, and I love my friends. Mom and Dad is my motivation to be a success girl. I want to make my family to be happy and never make them sad.

Life is beautiful, but needs a lot of effort to make this life become more beautiful. So, I must be a strong girl to face this life. I eager to reach my dreams that can make my life so beautiful. Patience, prayer to God, and effort are a key for all of this. Never say “I can’t” if you haven’t try it. Keep smiling and shining everyday,, and don’t be cry.



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