Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For U, Guys ^^

Nothing’s gonna change my love for u, guys. Who are they?? They are my lovely friends at my boarding house, called “PINK HOUSE”. For about 4 years, we lived together under one roof. I am really enjoy living with them. I never feel lonely because I have u, guys. You are beside me, when I was sad, when I was happy,or when I was angry. You are my angel, you are my family. I will miss the day with them., when we are learning together, going out together, watching horror movie together, cooking together, and also gossiping together,,xixixixixi. Even tough, we will not be together anymore, but I’m sure if our hearts are always together. Keep in touch yah girls ^^


nonton bareng di XXI BSM

Mba Ochiet, Yayat, Mala, Me, Mega, Rizqie, n Esti

kalo lagi kumpul gak lupa buat foto

Yang tengah mbak leli-chan


gak ketinggalan maen DDR ama mala


mumpung lagi gak rame curi2 buat foto

foto n bubar kosan 186

barudak Pink House yeuh


lovely pink house


teman seperjuangan


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